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Monday, 12 January 2009 21:04

Do you have a new favorite item in your Sewing Room/Studio or Sewing Area?  Well, I sure do!  My friend Sandy made me this really neat basket for Christmas and I just love it!  I keep it on my big board where I not only press blocks, I also trim up pieces and tend to accumulate a ton of little pieces of fabric, thread and paper (when paper piecing).  This cute fabric basket is just perfect for all those little trimmings...it's kind of like a mini trash can, but much nicer!  Thank you Sandy, you're the BEST!

Now, my husband walked into my Studio the other day and saw this little basket sitting on my big board and he says, where did you get this, and puts it promptly on his head!  Hey, this is a really cool hat...can I borrow it to wear to work and show all the guys?  Uh, NO!  Get it off your head!  It's a basket... goofy!  Isn't he cute?



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Saturday, 10 January 2009 04:35

Today is a very special day, it's my mom's birthday...she's the big 7-0!  After 8 children, lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren, she still looks great.  My mother is a true inspiration to others, and she amazes me everyday.  It is because of her that I have pursued my sewing and quilting life.  From the beginning of her insistence that all her daughters learn to sew all the way through her encouraging words of wisdom whenever I made something new, my mother has always been a  positive force in my love of sewing and quilting.

As a young girl I sewed most of my own clothes, and a lot for my brothers and sisters.  Mom was always the one to say in the store while shopping..."Oh, Kathleen, you can make that yourself".  I can't remember one time that my mother has ever made a negative comment about anything I have ever made...she always knew what to say, even if I had made a mistake in the pattern.  She'd say..."You planned that right?"  She taught me to step outside the box and just because none of my friends really sewed, I had a talent unlike no other.  "Don't waste what you know the best" she would tell me.  My mom may not really know that my sewing was a part of me that I knew would always keep me close to her, simply because she encouraged me so.

My mom is the one that will brag to anyone, and I mean ANYONE who is willing to listen about something I have made her or anyone else for that matter.  She is constantly reminding everyone..."Kathleen made this and Kathleen made that".  She's my one member fan club!  So, this is a very special day indeed, just because it is my mom's birthday!  Thank you mom for everything you have done in your life that inspired me to be who I am today and encouraged me everyday to be the best I can be!


PS...I'll go ahead and let the "other" 7 of your kids know that I'M YOUR FAVORITE...it's okay, say it out loud!


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Thursday, 08 January 2009 19:22

Does this kind of container look familiar to you?  Well, it may not look like much to my sisters (NONE of my 5 sisters sew today, even though Mother insisted we learn what she called "The Skill").  To a quilter, this box is pure Heaven!  Hundreds of strips cut from reds, whites, creams, tans and blues.  How could you ask for anything more?  I am currently working on a new class project and store sample that screams patriotic and it is really beginning to take shape.  You'll have to check back and stay tuned for more on this project update.

This container also brings to mind as to how I organize my ongoing projects and class/store samples.  My whole studio has been what I call "containerized"...by project, color, size, theme or pattern.  I label all my containers, so that when I have several projects going on at once (oh, that's right, no quilter ever worked on more than ONE project at a time...right?) I can pull the container that has the project I need to finish that day, week or month and all of my supplies are neatly tucked inside.  With the exception of when the lid won't stay on simply because there are too many supplies in that said container and it is busting at the seams...literally!  I just hate it when a container won't cooperate with my plan!


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Wednesday, 07 January 2009 19:51

Some days just never cease to amaze me, and this is one of those days!  My daughter Nicole is sitting at my sewing machine quilting a fleece blanket!  Isn't she the cutest?   It has never been said that she would become a quilter or even love to sew like her mother...although I have hoped.  The chances are slim, but truthfully, doesn't she look like a real natural at the machine?  I can dream can't I?

My sister Michelle's voice is ringing in my ears that I really need to wake up from the nightmare I must be having.  She knows my daughter all too well.  This day reminded me of all those fun Spring Breaks when I was a child growing up in a family of 8 kids...6 were girls!  Mother would load us into the station wagon, and we would drive 45 minutes to the big fabric store in Ashtabula, Ohio.   Mother insisted we make matching outfits to wear on Easter Sunday for all six girls, and of course, one for Mother too!  Mother also insisted that we comb through every inch of the store (which I vaguely remember as being more like a musty, smelly basement than a fabric store) and not only pick out a pattern that we ALL agreed on, but also choose the fabric that we would make each outfit from so we were completely identical from head to toe.  Mother insisted we make the wrap around skirts and vests reversible, as to give us all what she called "4 outfits in one"!  What is it about Mothers and their uncanny abillity to want to dress all their children alike? Oh, the proud moment came as we sat in the Pew on Easter Sunday morning all dressed alike (except for my two brothers, who undeniably got the better end of the deal).  Now, one would think that's the funny part of this story, but really it's not.  The true comedy rests in the fact that Mother wore that reversible wrap around skirt and vest for at least another 25 years and I am sure we have pictures to prove it!   It still makes me laugh today.  My sisters, who I am positive are reading this, are shaking their heads in agreement.  Don't you just LOVE family?


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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 09:11

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog on THE QUILTED STORY website!    I can hardly believe I finally have my website going!  Truthfully, it was the brain child of my son Michael...Mr. Computer Engineer.  He helped me get it all in place and did all "the hard stuff"!  Hopefully, with his help, I will be able to maintain it all.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!  I know my sisters must be beaming with pride...just knowing I have moved ahead and did something 21st Century and all.   Please take a few minutes and read the "All about Kathleen" to get to know me better and feel free to comment where you would like.

 I hope to use this blog as a way for all my students, family and friends to keep up with what I'm currently working on and let everyone know what my schedule is.   I am looking forward to a busy 2009 and hope you will all enjoy my website and keep in touch as the days go by.



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