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Friday, 21 February 2014 09:26

Another day...working hard pretending that this Flu is still not here...

Oh, wait...it is!

At least while I am in the Studio and sewing I am concentrating on something else...other than being sick.

Moving on in Row B is this absolutely Beautiful Block...

B-2 Sweet Tater Pie is her name...she has a total of 16 pieces in my version and is unfinished at 6 1/2" square.  This time I combined a couple of my skilled techniques to make this one just perfect...did I mention she lays completely FLAT?  I LOVE it when a plan comes together!

Here's what I did...

First I used my "Wondercut Ruler" to make perfect 1/2 square triangle units and made sure to press the seams OPEN.  Yeah...I'm a Rebel like that...it's how I roll!  Since my block is unfinished at 6 1/2" square I cut them out on the 3 1/2 reference line with the Wondercut Ruler.  I then used the printout block from my Dear Jane Software to place the correct sequence of the 1/2 square triangle units together and sewed them in a four patch set...I made two of these units.  Then I used the circle on the print out to trace a pattern onto Heat n Bond Lite...making just a silhouette and not a solid pattern.  I put some cross hairs on the circle too so I could line it up onto the four patch unit.  After cutting out the circle silhouette, I used the seam lines as reference points to line up the circle on top of the four patch background of 1/2 square units...and press it into place.  Then I machine appliqued the circle in place, using Red Thread on the Red section and White Thread on the White section...being sure to lock the beginning and end of the stitching.  After it was completely appliqued into place I then turned it over and VERY CAREFULLY cut out the background 1/2 square triangle four patch unit close to the applique stitches to eliminate any bulk...




Thursday, 20 February 2014 09:30

Today is one of those "rough" moments in life...

A bump in the road...I have the Flu.  Good Grief, I am miserable....

This is the first time in my life that I have had the Flu and to make it extra special...I Fainted...


Thank Goodness, I wasn't hurt going down!

Today...I am dressed, for the first time in a solid week.  I am trying to convince myself that I'm better...I'm actually sewing, so I am on the right track...right?

Let's move on with a very simple block for my Dear Jane Quilt...A Rebel in RED!

I have finally moved to the 2nd Row of blocks...Row B...here is Block B-1 called Batchelor Buttons.  It's a simple block that I made even simpler...even if you're sick!

Here's the skinny...

First, I cut a block from from the Red Fabric at 6 1/2" square...I then traced the circles from my print out pattern in my Dear Jane Software, using Heat n Bond Lite Fusible Applique.  I pressed the circles in place, pin attached a tear away stabilizer to the back side of the Red Fabric and then Machine Applique Stitched them all into the background.

Easy Peasy...Lemon Squeezy!

Block B-1 has only 5 pieces...it doesn't get any easier that that!


Wednesday, 12 February 2014 12:39

Recently I pulled out my container of Dear Jane Blocks and put them up on my design wall so I would be inspired to move forward with this huge undertaking of mine.  Go figure why I have let it collect dust in the closet...

Wait...there is NO dust in my Studio Closet, so I guess I really can't say that.

However...I have neglected her for some time.

No excuses...let's just move on!

Here is Block A-13 called Starlight-Starbright and once again I just had to shake it up a bit!  First, I did go ahead and cut a larger white background square measuring at 8".  I then cross cut it from corner to corner, in both directions.  I then used a 1/4" seam allowance and sewed the pieces back together to create this background pieced look.  I love this little quick technique and it plays a double duty as a reference point for setting on the rest of the block...which is the RED section.

At this point please visit my Gallery of pictures and click on the Dear Jane Collection and you will re-familiarize yourself with the fact that my Dear Jane is A Rebel in RED!

Now...simply because I CAN...I took the pattern and made an Applique out of it...using Heat and Bond Lite on the backside of the fabric.  Using the seam lines as my reference points, I pressed the pieces in place making sure that all the edges touch the "neighboring" piece...this way I could machine applique the edges with a matching RED Embroidery Thread in a continuous sew.

Block A-13 is the last block in Row A and it has 13 pieces...using the method I did of Machine Applique.

Ahhh...I feel motivated...let's make some more blocks.

On to Row B.


Thursday, 06 February 2014 19:42

I must apologize for my week long absence from little Quilty Blog...it's just been darn crazy here!

I made this Beautiful Deep Dark Chocolate Cake with a Hint of Coffee to make things all better between us...OK?

Alright...so I'm simply exaggerating to say the least...but, I really did make this cake...only I made it for my new Quilters Club that I organized...you know...just because!

I have now lived in the Upstate of South Carolina for almost 4 years and I was really getting tired of being told that there was NO room for me in any existing clubs in the area.  So just like my Momma taught me...I started my own!

I'm a real fire starter here!  LOL!

The first meeting was held at my house and I felt like baking something yummy to put everyone in a Happy Happy Mood...nothing does that better than some yummy Rich Chocolate Cake.

Can I get an Amen?


Thursday, 30 January 2014 21:14

It's Studio Thursday...what does your Work Space look like in your Studio?  Mine's  a bit messy...well maybe not messy, but cluttered.

I have about 6 or seven or...12 different projects going on...


All at the same time.

It's how I roll!

But the OCD in me is saying...clean this up and put stuff away!

Since I always do what I'm told...I may or may not have compulsively organized the whole room.



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