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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 10:46

Excuse my absence from my blog for the past few weeks as I contemplated on what to "do" next.

Just like this basket of leftover selvages, I am feeling a little "rough cut" and it seems that lately what I had devoted my life to (besides being a wife and a mother) for the past 30 years plus has gone on without notice...as if it had never happened.

Here's the nitty gritty...

I am one of eight children...believe me...it makes me who I am!

I know how to sew, quilt, and operate every sewing machine on the market.

I have designed and written dozens of quilt and machine applique patterns...and developed sewing techniques that aid in seamless and consistent project end results.

I have made and donated dozens of quilts for Cancer Patients, Pediatric Oncology, and numerous charitable functions for aid in fund raising...not including the hundreds of Random Acts of Kindness items I have made over the past 30 years.

I maintain a Full Website and Online Etsy Shop and Photograph my own Work...including the Photo Shop rendering there of.

As a Professional Quilt Instructor, I have taught hundreds of students...ages varying from 7 to 85.

The list goes on...

Still...it's as if it never happened...years of work, sweat and tears.

With the multiple closings of Quilt Shops and Guild cutbacks...my teaching schedule is almost non existent.

About 7 months ago it was as if someone turned the light off in my Online Etsy Shop (The Perfect Wallet).

Even though I have written quilt pattern after quilt pattern...no one is interested in them...unless of course I want to "make a copy" for them to share with their 200 closest friends.

I have written hundreds of blog posts for The Quilted Story Website...and not one person has felt compelled to "add a comment" or contact me in any way...in years...I thought my blog post entries might be of some interest to someone out there...perhaps not.

This is why I had to take a Mental Health Break and decide weather or not the hours I put in writing blog after blog and post picture after picture really matters in the whole scheme of things.  I needed a word or two of encouragement.

It seems absence from my world...almost invisible to the naked eye.

And then...my friend Paula C. called me...

She broke the ice by saying..."Could you please just call me BEFORE you take the studio and all of it's contents into your back yard and set them ablaze"?  Seriously...she says...I know you have some really cool "stuff"...I have seen the pictures and I would really like "first dibs"!

I laughed out loud...we laughed out loud together.

I hadn't done that in months...I have felt so discouraged.

Paula and I talked for over an hour...she listened to me like a sister would!  As we chatted I realized that just like when I was a young girl, learning to sew...I still needed that "approval" from those around me that what I did was "good"..."worthy", and "well accepted" in the sewing and quilting world.  With everything like my Teaching, Etsy Shop and Website changing so dramatically over the years...I had not realized that I was living in a world of non existence.  I'm NOT what I want to be and I have spent hours and hours working at it and hoping that it would just finally "click".

It may NEVER happen...

I'm OK with it.

People who know me, know that I am not a whiner...I'm a problem solver.  If you ever read any of my blogs you will quickly learn that I have an "upbeat" personality who simply enjoys taking lemons and making pitchers of lemonade with it!

So here's what I'm gonna do...

I can't imagine a world without sewing/quilting or machine applique...however, it's NOT a business...if you do everything for FREE.  So...The Quilted Story may very well be nothing more than a really ORGANIZED Hobby...some days, it is NOT even that!  I will likely continue to sew, quilt and create beautiful and useful items and blog about them on my website and Facebook page...if for no other reason than to document my life's quilted journey.  Perhaps I will publicize my line of tutorials (for FREE) on my website and start reducing my Studio Inventory by introducing a "Free Give Away" Friday, every once in a while!  If I do anything like this on my Website, I will announce them individually on my Facebook Page...so stay tuned!

The Perfect Wallet Etsy Shop is hanging on by a bare thread, no pun intended...and at this point I am contemplating closing it completely and donating the existing inventory to a well deserved non profit organization.  Unless I have a huge epiphany on how to get someone to turn the "SHOP OPEN" light back on and make it more successful...this is likely ever changing.

As far as my quilt patterns, book writings and unique quilting and sewing technique development goes...I'm gonna lock it in a trunk and bury it in the back of a closet and then pray one day someone will realize that Kathleen Bowen...simply "brings something unique to the quilting world" and would like to discuss a future there of...

Ok...now, I'm just dreaming!  Lol!

Hey...at least I haven't completely lost my sense of humor!

Thank You Paula C. for being my Friend...you may never know just what that little phone call did for me!

Quilt ON!



Thursday, 27 February 2014 16:21

If I had to choose a Favorite of all the Dear Jane Blocks that I have made so far...this would be the one...

I simply LOVE this block...

Block B-6 is called Wild Goose Chase...she has a whopping 43 pieces, and she was completely Paper Pieced

However...the Paper Piecing was NOT continuous, like in some of the simpler blocks.  Instead,  it was Paper Pieced in sections and then I sewed the pieced sections together.


I did break a few Paper Piecing Rules...you know...cuz I'm a Rebel.

Here's what I did...and it worked just GRAND...

I Paper Pieced all the different little sections, and then just "BEFORE" I sew the pieced sections together I VERY carefully removed ALL the paper from the backsides...insuring that I did NOT distort any of the seams in the process.  When I Paper Piece I always use a small stitch length so it will Perforate the paper and make it very easy to remove.

Most people who Paper Piece say you should leave ALL the paper on until everything is sewn together...

All the Paper on each section...

All the Paper on each completed Block...

All the Paper on all the rows of blocks that are sewn together...

I say...

NO...remove the paper as you go...the amount of distorting of the block that happens when you have all that Paper Bulk will be worse than any distorting you may have from removing the paper from each pieced section.

Be a REBEL...give it a try and see how you like it.

I assure you...

The Paper Piecing Police are NOT coming to your studio...they simply don't care!

It's OK...and remember...

"If you follow all the RULES...you miss all the FUN!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014 10:18

Lookey Me...

I'm taking Multitasking to a whole new level!

While working on my "Secret Project"...the one that I can't show details of...I am cranking out the Dear Jane Blocks!

Here is Block B-5, called Hot Cross Buns...click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see the little stars and moons on the white fabric...it gives the block a bit more dimension!

It takes very little to make me smile!

This block was constructed using two methods...

Paper Piecing and Machine Applique.

I love it when a plan comes together and I achieve a result that matches the block from the Dear Jane Book and Software.

First...I paper pieced the center of the block...mostly cuz I love to do it.  It's apparent...I am a control freak and paper piecing lets me "control" just a little more over the edge!  Then I added the outside white border strips to the interior block making the block unfinished at 6.5" square.

From there...it was a no brainer...I made applique pieces using Heat n Bond Lite using the diamond shapes from the print out and simply Machine Appliqued them into place...using matching White Thread.

Can it get any easier than that?

Block B-5 has a total of 15 pieces in "my version".


Tuesday, 25 February 2014 11:32

Here's another Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Block in Row B...

Especially if you Love to Paper Piece like I do!

Block B-4 is called Chris's Soccer Field and was completely Paper Pieced and finished out using a total of 21 pieces.  This block shows lots of detail...however it was not a difficult one at all.  I would consider it a Beginner, just as it is indicated in the Dear Jane Software.

Moving on...


Monday, 24 February 2014 11:45

Another Day...another Block.

Here is Block B-3 called Mirror Image...she was simply pieced and then cut out in a circle pattern and then sewn on top of a four patch. There are 8 pieces in this block.

I used Red Thread on the Red half circle and White Thread on the White half Circle to make it look more uniform...just as I did on the previous Block B-2.

This block was simple to me, since the B-2 Block was more challenging using the 1/2 square triangle units from which I cut one of the circles out of.  This Block on the other hand used a simple four patch (two of them) that I then cut a circle applique from one of them.

I guess when you do the more challenging one first...the second similar one is really easy!




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