Friday, 06 March 2009 19:55

Have you ever had a friend, family member, neighbor or simple acquaintance that needed a little "pick me up"?  Well, that's what this little pretty is for!  Over the years, I have found myself knowing someone who simply needed a smile, a hug, and a little Random Act of Kindness.  I have made so many of these cute table toppers I think I could sew one in my sleep!  The plain clear candy dish with a seal able lid is perfect to hold matching colored candy too...tie a ribbon around the neck of it to make it complete. 

This particular one was made for a friend of mine who was undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer.  She was having a particularly hard time getting started with her treatments so I made this little gift for her, and filled the candy dish with M&M's in the Pink colors for Breast Cancer.  I included a little note saying that whenever she was having a bad day or simply didn't seem like herself, she should grab a handful of these "sweetness" pills and put a smile on her face knowing she was being thought of at that moment!  She told me later in her treatment that she had put this little table topper and candy dish on her kitchen counter and every time she looked at it, she would smile and laugh a little knowing she had all the sweetness pills she would need to get her through whatever the day was about to bring her.  Tears came to my eyes as she told me this, realizing I had done more with that little table topper and candy dish than I could have possibly imagined!  It just goes to show, that you never really know how much a little "Random Act of Kindness" can do for someone you might encounter in your life!  





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