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4 patches with the sashing


I am moving right along with my Merry Little Christmas 4 Patch Quilt...Gracious BE!  I love this fabric line so much! 

How about YOU?

I decided to assembly line sew the 4 Patches to the white fabric strip and then cut them apart after I filled a strip up...I was able to attach 6-4 Patches to the strip with a small seperation between each one to allow for an accurate squaring up.  

After stitching the 4 Patch onto the strip...I took it to my ironing station...I pressed to set the seam and then pressed the seam allowance towards the 4 just seemed like the ease of construction at this I went with it.  My thought process in quilting is to press towards the direction of the area that will produce the FLATEST end result.  

Ensuring that your blocks lay first and foremost important in quilt construction...when adding sashing in between the blocks or rows of blocks also requires that area to lay FLAT after you have pressed it.  

If for some reason your blocks or rows do NOT lay flat after pressing...your problem is directly THERE.  Do not move on thinking you will "quilt it out" or your long armer will "quilt it out"...because this is not the case.

Just some "food for thought".

close up 4 patch with sashing

Here you will see a close up of one of my 4 Patches sewn onto the sashing strip and then squared up to make it pretty pretty pretty.  It's a plan...and it works so darn GREAT!  

Just a little reminder...I wait to "square up" my blocks to the sashing strip AFTER they are press towards the 4 patches as this will provide you with the most accurate squaring up results.

I have been using this method for accurate block and sashing construction for nearly 20 years...and I really like the finished end results I get.

Give it a try...

Let me know what you think!

Quilt ON!



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