Wednesday, 06 June 2012 07:03

I am off and running with Ruby Jane...this quilt is my very FIRST project to be "Quilted" on my brand new machine.  I learned a few things along the way, mostly about needles...but we'll talk about that later.

This is a very SPECIAL Quilt...it took me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to finish, as it was during the construction of this beauty that my beloved JANEY decided it was time for her to retire.  Good Grief...what's a girl to do?  My frustration level was high, screaming and pouting was involved...NO one, and I mean NO one was safe if they crossed the threshold of my Studio door while I was working on this quilt.

When Houston's (aka...my husband) secretary was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I knew EXACTLY what I had to do...however...Janey had a different plan.  I know my Janome 9000 is a woman, because she is as stubborn as I am!  She was tired...she worked long and hard for me...effortlessly through the years...BUT she needed to rest.

Together...Janey and I pieced the top of this Pink Beauty...and then I came to a standstill.  What normally would take me about 7-10 days to complete was moving towards 6 weeks while I tried to coax Janey out of her "slump".

What's a girl to do, besides head to her favorite Janome dealer!  Let it be known that I DO NOT make purchases like this lightly...rather I research, plan, interrogate and investigate every inch of the possible sewing machine purchase.  I didn't learn to operate EVERY sewing machine on the market for nothing...and my personal opinion is that "JANOME"...BRINGS it to the table!  Sure...there are other sewing machines out there, and they are all NICE...I just LOVE my Janome's!

What better way to test Ruby Jane out then to quilt repetitive lines from edge to edge...she has the BUILT IN EVEN FEED SYSTEM, and a very large "bed" (which just so happens to be the largest on the market), so it made it a dream to work on.  There was NO marking on this quilt ahead of time...just engaged the EVEN FEED SYSTEM along with the quilters guide bar and off I went!  I love the way the lines gave the quilt a "soft and loved" look to it.  I used a beautiful and very SOFT Breast Cancer Flannel print for the backside, which simply makes you want to cuddle up with it!

I named this quilt..."WRAPPED IN TOMORROW'S HOPE" and it is made with lots of different Breast Cancer Line Fabrics and the border is cut from a print that has the words "HOPE-LOVE-FAITH" all over it...just perfect!

When my Houston gave the quilt to his Secretary...she cried...and he is like...seriously...you have to stop doing that!  Now you know why KATHLEEN doesn't deliver any of her Cancer Patient Quilts!  I am such a wimp!




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