Thursday, 11 March 2010 20:19

My "TOMORROW'S HOPE" quilt from the Spectrum of Color Collection has finally found a new home.  When I designed this quilt a few years back, I wanted to make it in Pink Breast Cancer fabrics.  I was lucky enough to have some white tone on tone fabrics hand dyed in a gradation of pink color by a Breast Cancer Survivor and that alone made this quilt extra special.  I knew that when I donated it I wanted it to go to a Breast Cancer Patient.

Well, this beautiful quilt sat in my stack of SPECTRUM OF COLOR quilts for quite some time until just recently when my ordinary day turned into one of my most proudest moments.  The day had begun like any other day with errands to run and the normal chores to do, but as I waited in line to pick out my lunch meat selection at the local Publix Store I notice a young woman in front of me that I thought I knew from my old neighborhood.  As I waited for her to finish her conversation with the deli counter girl I racked my brain to remember her name, but it totally escaped me at the moment...but that didn't keep me from starting a conversation with her, something was telling me I needed to chat with her.  We made simple conversation about our children and how ironic it was that we both had children at the same University.  I knew her mother in law had battled Breast Cancer a little while back and as she noticed my Breast Cancer Awareness pin on my collar she told me that she herself was in the same fight with Breast Cancer...my heart sunk.  She was so positive about her treatment and her prognosis, it made me feel empowered by her strength.  We chatted for a good while before we said our good byes, hoping we would run into one another again at the University our children both attended.  As I drove home from the store that day, I kept thinking about her...hoping and praying for her full recovery.  I knew there had to be something I could do and while I drove down the road it hit me...My "TOMORROW'S HOPE" quilt is waiting for someone...someone special and her name is Loni.

Today, I was reminded about that special day as I opened the mail...there was a beautiful Thank You note from Loni expressing her appreciation for making her my "TOMORROW'S HOPE QUILT" recipient.  It was so sweet that I knew for sure what I had done that day was more than just a simple random act of kindness...it was one of my life's greatest moments!





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